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Sports Operations of America was founded for the purpose of empowering sports communities across the United States with quality leagues, tournaments, youth development programs, and other sports-related activities/events.
Sports Operations of America offers branding, marketing, sales, service (product) development, and IT services. In addition, we service all other administrative tasks within a sports organization including Human Resource, IT, Purchasing, Insurance, and Accounting.
Clients only need to approve product and experience offerings. Sports Operations of America will use your network to promote and service our sports offerings.
Sports Operations of America has proprietary processes and programs to most efficiently run sports operations. Sports Operations of America operates and owns FC Riverside County and Aros E-Sports. FC Riverside County owns FCRC Adult Soccer Leagues, the largest adult soccer league in Riverside County. Aros E-Sports is the first E-Sports league in the U.S. and operates in over 15 states.
Sports Operations America uses our proprietary Aros League Management System (ALMS) to operate our sports programs. The ALMS allows league and club managers to provide relevant real-time information to their audiences including standings, player stats, weekly schedules, season schedules, and brackets. Additionally, your league will be able to provide a transparent, organized, and user-experienced league service. Our system provides many benefits that will save you time and money.
Did you know that sports operations operated by Sports Operations of America produce an average of 35% more revenue and expend an average of 22% less on operations? With our revenue models and operation efficiencies, clients currently operating a sports operation can expect to receive a higher return by partnering with Sports Operations of America.
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